Mass Media is a leading iOS developer for Moodle.

Mass Media is
  • a serious, professional company dedicated to providing quality service;
  • committed to supporting Moodle as a growing platform for web-based learning;
  • updated on many modules and plugins;
  • better qualified than most official so-called "partners", because
    • we simply demonstrate the power function of Moodle by building the whole website in Moodle, whereas "partners" do NOT show dedication to do so. If they do NOT do this, why you would think they could help you to do so?
    • we show you that we are capable to improve the modules and plugins;
    • our programmers can build mobile apps to support Moodle for schools;
    • our hosting solutions allow schools to use third party servers, including the most popular PacHosting, Bluehost, etc.
    • our services to your server allow you to manage all customized program files so that you can easily migrate your site to anywhere.

This year, we are committed to expanding our services to LMS Solutions through, combining the use of our iOS apps.
Mass Media has quickly grown to become a hosting service providers in Hong Kong.

A team of certified and experienced professionals
We have a team of certified and experienced professionals who are devoted to research and development.

CentralOur New Office:

  • Mass Media
    • Telephone: 852-8100 2785 (English, Chinese)
  • Email:
  • Forums communications: UTC+8
    • Monday to Saturday: 9:00p.m. to 11:00p.m.